module:7 - CSS elegant code brackets
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module:7 - CSS elegant code brackets
Module submitted by pieterh
01 Nov 2009 10:53

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This module provides CSS code to draw elegant brackets around code blocks. This code was developed by the Wikidot Community.

100  Here is what the 
200  module looks like 
300  in action.
400  GOTO 100

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include:14 - Inline CSS code By pieterh 01 Nov 2009 10:55


You can use this module in any external CSS code that sits in a code block. Examples are themes on the site, or admin:themes pages as used by the Iron Giant templates. You can also use this module in any page, template, or CSI.

To use the module, specify: [[include :modules:include:12]].

NOTE: this module does not yet work, it is a concept.

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